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President  Jim Foster

Vice President Eric Ritter 

Treasurer Chuck Edmondson

Secretary Cindy Kealey

Director Aisha Malik Rodriguez

Director Ken Hill

Director Amanda Fox

Director Blane Endale 

Director Kat McClarty 


The CARDINAL ESTATES HOME ASSOCIATION (CEHA) was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia with their State Corporation Commission, Richmond, Virginia on January 7, 1971.

There are 169 single family homes in Cardinal Estates.  The Cardinal Estates subdivision is divided by a community park.  There are 105 homes to the West of the park and 64 homes to the East.  Access is through two sidewalks on each side of the park.  Motor vehicle access to both areas of housing is off of Burke Road.  There are no through streets in either area.

The Cardinal Estates Park, which is CEHA common property maintained from property owner assessments, provides pleasant walking access from one area to the other.  Motor vehicle traffic in the park is limited to service vehicles.  The park has playground equipment and is used for community recreation events.

The CEHA Board of Directors are always looking to improve on the community and its residence. We are currently looking for more volunteers to assist us in making improvements in the neighborhood. Please contact us at any time if you are able to volunteer your time.

Thank you so much ~ CEHA Board of Directors

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Please remember your CEHA Board is made up of volunteers from your community.  We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 

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(Only residence of Cardinal Estates with valid street addresses will be admitted)

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